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I found Penelope Umbrico's work to be very novel. What she did with her collages, though it must have taken a very long time, is very simple work. And though the collage of suns is very beautiful, the reaction to it is what I found the most fascinating. She created a work of art out of a collective understanding of beauty. Her work then was added to this collection and copied and shared, and re-shared, and changed and copied and shared again. This discovery of the way people interact with art should not have been as surprising to me as it was. It caught me off guard to be presented with a new way of looking at how people use the internet. Umbrico's work seemed in some ways to be good-naturedly mocking it, while in other ways praising and participating in it.
What I refer to when I say mocking is of course her collections of the awkward reflections in the craig's list photos. Umbrico seem to very much enjoy her work. And understandably. She must go into these projects having only an idea about what she is looking for but no idea what she will find. Her work with collages is almost something I would classify as a study of humans. And her attitude about it is so light hearted. I could not help but think again about Molzan and Olson's opinion about having their work copied and shared digitally. I was constantly comparing their thoughts with Umbrico's reaction to the digital copies of her art. Though the two cannot really be compared, as Umbrico's work IS digital copies of art.

Erin Persons


Erin, I am glad you found the reaction to the work most interesting. I too feel the same. Much of her piece deal with popular culture and where you end up in a search through the internet. While working with her I have learned that one of her favorite things as well is the peoples reaction to the work and how it makes them feel.

I think it’s really interesting what you said here about how Penelope Umbrico’s work could be classified as a study of humans. I never thought about her work like that before and thinking about her collages in this way actually stimulates my interest more than her actual work did. When her work was first presented to me I honestly just didn’t really get it. What she found to be amazing connections (like the hundreds to thousands to millions of sun pictures) I found to be common and not something to be shocked about anymore. However thinking about it in almost a historical sense and seeing her work as a human study rather than a piece of art is way more interesting to me. I guess Penelope was, in a way, giving us some insight into the lives of humans and how they have changed or what they have become by looking through the craigslist pictures to find images of people in the TV screens or other reflective objects. Either way, I didn’t think about her work in this sense before and I think it brings a really interesting view to her work.

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