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Although I found the concepts behind Penelope's works to be quite interesting, I do not have a love affair with her work as many others seem to have. I'm really interested in art on the internet, art about the internet, and new forms of media that express this. I find Penelope's work to be visually interesting, but to me, she seems somewhat unaware of art that is happening on the internet. The fact that she prints off these photographs and collages them into a giant work that she shows in a gallery, to me somewhat misses the point of the work. I guess she is trying to question "what we consider art" and what we can make out of other pieces of visual information. The final work of what she has created is somewhat visually interesting, especially in terms of it's scale, but it does not excite me as much as some of the art I see online, or in an artist who heavily stimulates like Ryan Trecartin. I think her ideas are good, but if I was on Tumblr (where people post a lot of original, novel art) and I was scrolling, I would probably scroll right past the image of her "Sunsets" piece because it doesn't capture my attention that much. What I "did" like about her work was the meta photographs of people in front of her work, photographs of photographs of people in front of her work, etc.

My main point is that I wish artists would question the idea of showing their work in public spaces more, and to expand their concepts of public spaces. That is to say, is it really worth it to showcase a two-dimensional object in a physical space? Are physical spaces really even that relevant anymore or are we hanging on to this concept because that is how things had to be done in the past? Or is a work like that more appropriate to show in other contexts? I know she also mentioned that she is creating an e-book, but to me, even that seems somewhat of an outmoded concept. A blog would be more appropriate. An e-book is trying to take a concept that exists in the physical work and translate it to the digital world, not keeping in mind the digital context. I realize by attending "gallery talks", I am automatically setting myself up to be somewhat disappointed, as this kind of art has never piqued my interest as much as what is going on in edgier arenas like the internet, or even places like MoMA PS1, which really understands that art taking place in a physical space should have a more three-dimensional quality, and that the most interesting art right now is taking place outside of the gallery.

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Different strokes for different folks.I don't find her work as interesting on the internet. I think it is that she combines digital information and physical printing that makes it interesting. The gist behind her work is to take the ordinary out of context and rarefy it through multiplying it. Her work viewed online would not have the same impact, in my opinion.

I agree that some of the most interesting work out there right now is not found in the gallery, but to me it is found on the street. I still need the multiplicity of scale and context and the full sensory experience. Mediated experiences to me are not the same unless they were specifically designed to be that -- and even then, meh. as I said, different strokes for different folks. The internet is a great way to share art, ideas and ideas about art. Just because I find painting wonderful does not mean that printmakers should really be painting, nor should sculptors tell a painter that 2D work is a waste.

Your argument about the value of showing 2d art in anything but a virtual world seems to take a pretty extreme view, that in my opinion doesn't hold water in the real world. I love to be surrounded by art (which includes good design of even the most mundane item) and hope there never comes a day where I can only see it made and viewed on a screen.Isn't it wonderful though how the internet gives us one more way to interact and share our creative impulses?

- Allison Ruby

p.s. Ryan Trecartin does nothing for me. And has shows in galleries. But that's another conversation.

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