Dianna Molzan & Alex Olson

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I had no idea what to expect going into this talk. What I originally expected from the talks we would here was a more technical description of the artist's works. What I have experienced with the talks so far has been more about the artist's personality and life story and the inspiration behind their work. Molzan and Olson's talk was more along the lines of what I originally expected. Even so, it was unfortunately a bit over my head. I am not a painter. Not even an artist, so a lot of the deeply technical and specifically painter-oriented topics were beyond my ability to follow completely. It would have been helpful to have seen the exhibit of their work before going into the talk. I thought that they would show pictures and discuss each piece individually. But I did understand their opinion about digital copies of their work. It makes sense that they do not like to have their work copied because so much of the meaning is portrayed through minute details and texture as well as the size and physical presence of the piece. Though I found the discussion very hard to follow, I got more out of the question and answer bit at the end. I especially liked one man's comment about his interpretation of (I cannot remember if it was Molzan or Olson's) work. He was convinced that he saw certain themes and messages in specific pieces and she politely told him he was mistaken. She explained that while none of that was her intention, she could allow for how someone might see that. Commentators of art usually see things that were perhaps not put there intentionally, but that is the great thing about sharing art. So that people may be inspired.

Erin Persons

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I definitely agree, I was hoping that the talk was little bit organized better, and talk about their works more deeply to understand their inspirations with the aesthetic work.

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