Visiting Artists Lecture #5 - Dianna Molzan with Alex Olson

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Visiting Artists Lecture #5 - Dianna Molzan with Alex Olson

Bailey Haack
14 March 2013

The talk this week with Dianna Molzan and Alex Olson was a little bit dry compared with the past couple weeks. Though I enjoyed both of their work, and they both seemed like interesting people, the talk seemed unrehearsed and somewhat awkward, and the format of the questions being asked was not very conducive to getting any fascinating, lively conversation going.

Both artists discussed working in Los Angeles, and how there are many different outlets and places to show art there - their example of the apartment gallery shows was very interesting to me, and I wonder if there are people doing that kind of thing here in the cities, or if it's just a West coast thing. They were both very individual artists, and neither one seemed interested in working with - or even around - another artist. They described how they hide away in their studios and how they both like to be in complete control of their works - though both of them work in a less image-based, more abstract aesthetic style.

I thought it was interesting that both of them described wanting their works to project ideas out, but also wanting the viewers to be able to project their own views in onto the works. They both described their works as having a narrative, but the narrative isn't necessarily about the artist.

The part of their talk that engaged me the most was when they were asked the question, "What do you reference, or do you reference, within your art?" Both of the artists seemed to have a difficult time answering, and Dianna noted that, though she is sure that her general exposure to the world surely fuels her work, she isn't always logically thinking about what/if she is referencing others in her work. This got me thinking about the importance or unimportance of studying art to creating art. We absorb bits and pieces of the world as we go about our lives, and I have always believed that this absorption can be as beneficial as any class, especially if we are conscious of it. The two artists were somewhat negative about their school experiences, and I wonder how much of their art/aesthetic learning came from school, and how much from simply absorbing through their creative minds.

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I definitely agree with you that this talk was very dry and a bit awkwardly unrehearsed at times in the interview. I wish that their talk consisted of more how they work and the process of creating their paintings rather than a lot of talk about their lives in Los Angeles.

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