Harmony Hammond

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Due to illness, I was not able to attend Harmony Hammond's lecture, but instead viewed a recording of it after the fact. I don't know if it was merely this fact or something more, but I felt a fairly strong disconnect from both Hammond and her work while listening to her speak. Personally, I'm fascinated by feminist and queer art, and was intrigued by what Hammond would have to say on the subject. However, there was something intangible about the talk that left me wanting more. I didn't feel like I understood Hammond's connection to the movement terribly well, nor did I understand some of the more significant parts. The talk felt at times like a history lesson and at others like a normal artist talk, but somehow those two did not mix together all too well for me. I was still interested in Hammond's work, especially with fabrics and other material choices she made, but all in all I felt that the talk was fairly aloof. As I said, this could have simply been the result of not being there, but nonetheless, it was my experience.

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