Mathew Zefeldt


I have had the chance to take a class with Mathew and his art reflects his personality. It is refreshing in colors and uses many techniques in one piece. I have had other students ask about his work, they thought that his paintings were Photoshop creations. I had researched him and thought the same before having the opportunity to see him work in person.

All of his paintings are created with paint and he also uses photographs of sculpture heads that he uses for reference. His work does not photograph well. I wish everyone had the opportunity to see his work in person. We could have his work in the Nash gallery in the future so others can have the opportunity to see his work in person.
It was a well laid out lecture, he incorporated art the inspired him and the comic books that also inspired me. It was refreshing that he went there and painted piles of poop. I have learned so much from him and one thing is to push the materials to learn what they can do for you.

It was wonderful that he explained were he came from and it was interesting that he used an image a sculpture that he created when he was a small child. I never take the time to reflect on things I did as a child but, I think now looking back I have create things could have connections to work I have recently completed.

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-Nina A.


I also agree that Mathew's work reflects his fun personality. It was interesting to see a lot of his undergraduate and graduate art work because it gave me insight into how his current work is an evolution of past creations. With each new art piece, I feel that Mathew is learning more about what the medium of paint can do for him. I also feel that pictures do no justice for his work, because the scale and colours of his paintings must be seen in person. All of his sculpture heads look identical on a projected screen, but when you see them in person, they all have their own characteristics. I'd go crazy trying to painting the same thing over 70 times!

I always think it’s a good opportunity to be able to listen to a professor of yours give a lecture like Matthew did. I know some of my professors seem to have different personalities from classroom to lecturing and sometimes it’s easier to get to know them when they are talking about their work and what they've been through to get where they are. Matthew seems like a really fun and energetic guy and his paintings definitely reflect that. I haven’t had the chance to take any of his classes or to personally see any of his work but that would be something that I would be really up for doing, especially with the work that he did what he seemed to just squirt (I know this a bad way of describing what he did but I used this word anyway!) the paint onto the canvas. The textures he was talking about with some of his work would be interesting to see up close.

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