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Matthew Zefeldt was able to pull together a very interesting presentation for us all last Thursday. Probably one of the most interesting things about his art was the way that it all pulled together, and you could clearly see the evolution of separate ideas and thoughts in his work. With many of the other artists, you know that there must have been some kind of train of thought that connected all of the ideas, but it was nowhere near as clearly apparent as it was with Zefeldt's work. I thought that his ideas with breaking up lines of sight and vision, and forcing strange perspective on paintings was very well done, as well as his ideas about creating a sculpture and then painting it. That almost seemed to play off of Umbrico's ideas about using someone else's work as a basis for one's own art.
The idea of the motif was another interesting contribution that Zefeldt made to my thoughts about artwork. I was torn between different thoughts about its effectiveness. From one point of view, it was cool to see the same shape or object reproduced in many different ways and situations, but from another perspective, it was just kind of boring. I think that perhaps he could have done more to differentiate the motifs he used, and perhaps bring them to have some kind of symbolism beyond a simple object. As it was, the motifs seemed almost meaningless, and I wasn't sure what to think when I saw the stone sculpture heads repeated ad nauseum, or the poop, or the rainbow garbage pile.


I agree that it was interesting and refreshing that Mathew took the time to explain his process. I understand a little how you want to see more meaning in his work, but I think that if you had the opportunity to see his work in person you would have a different prospective.

I really did not understand his work until I enrolled in one of his classes, and I had the chance to go to his studio to see his work in person. The scales and the layers of colors have not been captured in the photos; online or even the images he showed during his talk.

I also enjoyed hearing about his artistic processes and I find it interesting that he has such dedication to reproducing the same image over and over again but in different ways. Though, I too found the repetition of his work to be a bit boring and I would love to see what he would do if he turned in a totally different direction and went away from the piles of paint and floating busts. I would also like to see him do things like his earlier work that involved the comic book characters.

I agree that his work did kind of get boring at times. All the repetition of the faces I found particularly boring because they were too similar. The repetition that I did find interesting was his comic book inspired paintings that had sequels. It was very cool to see how he went back to an idea and had different idea about it later on. But by redoing the entire painting, the viewer can see the progress. If he just changed the original, we could not see this interesting progress.

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