Matthew Zefeldt

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I would have to say that Matthew Zefeldt's artist talk was my favorite out of all the talks I have attended. He has such an odd sense of humor that made the talk a lot more interesting. His sense of humor was also reflected in his work. Just seeing his work evolves from creating paintings of comic book characters, to giant blobs, to piles of poop. I also found it very interesting that he makes series of the same type of painting. I feel like if I was the artist I would get very bored of creating paintings that are so similar. Also, painting all those busts almost exactly the same would drive me nuts! I get impatient just painting or drawing a scene that has zero repetition. I just wonder if he ever gets bored or impatient with the repetition in his work. I also wonder if he has plans to turn in a different direction with his work.
I really do appreciate Zefeldt's love for color and his lack of fear of taking risks. He makes risks that are interesting and that some would even fear to show to public. For example, I found it very interesting how he came to paint piles of poop. He said that he had thought about it and in the back of his head he said no, but in the end he decided if you are interested in it you might as well try it out. I enjoy his sense of humor and ability to take risks, but his paintings are something I personally wouldn't hang on a wall.
-Moriah Kelly

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I completely agree that Matthew’s sense of humor shone through brilliantly in both his work and in his lecture. Sometimes, it can be easy to take oneself incredibly seriously and forget to have fun when painting, but in many ways I feel that Matthew hasn’t lost that sensibility. At the same time, he takes his work seriously and invests himself fully in it, but being willing to have a playful attitude sometimes can do wonders for a work.

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