Matthew Zefeldt


Recently, I had a long discussion with a friend of mine who works as a graphic designer. We had been discussing aesthetics versus ideas, and the importance of each in the art world, but he had been arguing for aesthetics whereas I was more adamant about ideas being the most important thing in creating good art. Listening to Matthew Zefeldt speaking and seeing his work made me realize that my friend was right in ways I hadn't understood at the time. It is rare that I am struck by a painter's aesthetic style, but in this case, I was floored. Seeing his work, especially the ones that used comic book themes or colorful textures, made me realize how much can be done with stunning work that is simply visually impressive. Matthew himself also gave a fantastic talk, explaining his work quite well while keeping a friendly attitude with the audience. All in all, I thought it was a brilliant note to end the class on, and I look forward to following his work in the future.


Hi Sprig. Could you please elaborate on the idea of ideas vs aesthetics? I'm very curious about this. Thanks.
- Allison

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