Matthew Zefeldt

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Matthew Zefeldt's work for me had a love and hate realtionship yet I loved how he was adventureous and exploritive about his work. When I see his work during undergraduate he was told that he used non objective painting in a gestral abstract. I definitely agree with his goals of his project because he used the spaces and the shapes in his work carefully. The use of space in his work looks like the objects floating and in three dimentional views to make the work more abstractive. It was really inspiring how he utilized different medias such as sculpture and the oil painting to portrayed his work into different ideas.

His grad school was one of the most interesting work I have seen. The use of comics and the use of Roman faces to use as a space was a unique idea into the work. When I was looking his work on the overhead screen, I thought the Roman faces were either photoshopped or copied, but when he told the audiences that he painted all the Roman faces, I was really shocked. All the Roman faces seemed very identical which concludes his carefullness and time focusing the Roman faces.

Although I loved his intention to use spaces and shape to create three dimentional objects, but I wasnt really happy that the color that he used. The colors were rather confusing and bright so it was so hard to look at the pieces carefully. But at the sametime, the color made the pieces very unique and in a way showed like the pop art format.

Overall, I liked Matthew Zefeldt's work. He was very engaging with the audience with the sense of humor. I also loved how he showed us the undergraduate and graduate work to see the improvements and changes of his work in a elevation steps.

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I am sad to have missed this talk, instead I went to Bethel to hear Penelope Umbrico speak with David Little. Your comments are interesting and intrigue me to look at Matthew's work. I agree it is always wonderful to see and array of works by the artist and notice improvement or successes in the pieces!

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