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My overall impression of Matthew Zefeldt is, wow this guy must not get bored very easily. This was my impression because of how repetitious his work is. He is able to not just make one very large painting all the same style and pattern, but then he goes on to make even more of them. He seems to get one idea in his head and be able to work on it for a very long time. This was very interesting in his work with sequel paintings. Though, personally I only found this significant with his comic book inspired paintings. It was like he saw the same image in a different way when he went back to it later on. It makes me think of how two people can experience the same thing but see it different ways. I know that some painters can create a piece, and then keep coming back to it because they find things they want to change. They are never officially done with it because it is never good enough. I can't be sure this is what Zefeldt was thinking when he created so many similar pieces, but it could be that instead of just continuing to perpetually work on the same painting, he would rather just start all over when he envisions the same thing a slightly different way. It is interesting to see the resulting different paintings next to each other. It could help the viewer see the way the artist sees, and better appreciate their progress and thought process though out creating the piece.

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I don't think it is that unusual for painters to do many versions of the same painting. I think it is just the scale and subject matter of Zefeldt's work that makes it especially noticeable. Also, I found myself asking what he was learning from each remanifestation. For example, if you think of Monet's Haystacks, there he was primarily exploring the play of light. I didn't readily see what Zefeldt was trying to accomplish, though it's not really for me to understand, it is his process. Still, he spends a lot of resources on one work, so I wonder to myself why he would want to spend time and materials in this way. I mean, face it, that is a heck of a lot of paint. I sound very critical of Zefeldt's work in my posts, but it is clear he is extremely talented. I trust in his process even though I do not fully understand it.

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