Matthew Zefeldt

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When viewing Zefeldt's work, I felt aesthetically pleased, yet unsettled. I am unsettled because of the inaccurate perspective and dizzying colors - some of the same reasons I am aesthetically pleased.

I feel as if many artists create work for their audience. They don't always enjoy the process of what they do. They're creating a product for themselves, and then giving that product to their audience. I enjoyed the Zefeldt differed from this stereotype. Through his lecture, you could tell how in love with the process he actually was. Yet because of this, he does not make large jumps forward in his work. Change and growth happens very slowly.

I am saying he differs from that stereotype because of the studies he does of each painting to create new paintings. He is not worried about boring his audience because he isn't creating work for them. Through this, you can tell that he really does love the process of creating these paintings. His process that he spoke about was inspiring to me and I am happy he decided to share it in his lecture.

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