Penelope Umbrico artist talk

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I thought Penelope Umbrico's lecture was interesting because it made me wonder about art appropriation. I also have worked in a collage style by appropriating images from different sources, but the characters are often hand-drawn/painted in a way that is unique from the original source images. I don't feel comfortable with actually taking a finished product from another person and collaging them and calling it my own, I need to feel a sense of the artist's interpretation of the images.

However I did enjoyed Penelope's "Suns from Flickr" because it begs to question whether anyone owns the image of the sun. It was visually appealing because of the choice of using bright coloured source photographs to create a sunset from many images of the sun. As Penelope delved into the topic of the digital age and how we as a culture are sharing many photographs online, I was slightly discomforted by the idea of taking images without permission from the owner, especially if it is a personal image such as a photograph. Lately in my practice I've been moving away from closely copying images, and instead I've taken inspiration from many images but in a way creating my own characters, which I personally feel is a better path as a growing artist.

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