Penelope Umbrico at Bethel

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As some of you may know Mrs. Umbrico also had a studio talk with the curator of photography from the M.I.A., David Little, at Bethel University. I attended this talk last Thursday instead of the lecture at the influx. The lecture was very inviting as people were sitting close and personal with David and Penelope in the gallery space where Penelope's work was on display. It was very spiritual, as it would be because we were at Bethel, with the sunset streaming in from the windows lightening the space. Penelope was very informative about her work, which was refreshing because so many artists don't give enough insight. The information was almost too much, but it did not take away from her work, but only add to it. I though the most interesting point made was when David said "Some would not consider this work as photography". Penelope responded with "this is photography as a subject". They also talked about how the photo world is now responding to this type of work. Penelope said she thought it was great that more and more were accepting her work because now they are finally dealing with the same issues she has been for awhile now. When Penelope explains her work I feel it only creates a deeper understanding, my favorite is when she said "it's not picture making, but these images are part of our now culture." I think it is interesting that Penelope is working with these types of image creating, I love that she is creating new works that people challenge!

-By the way the Penelope Umbrico Collaboration is now on display in the Quarter Gallery if anyone is interested in checking that out!

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