The First Things to Know

Hello everyone!! So as you may know I attend the University of Minnesota. I chose to go to the U of MN because of the oppertunities that would be presented to me throughout my time there and after college as well. My major is Finance although it has not been set, so I could easily change it as time goes on. I am a bit nervouse about setting an exact path in my life when i am barely 18 because how is someone supposed to pick their life when only a nibble of their life has been lived.

Outside of school I enjoy the company of firends because I feel that laughter is something hugely needed in life. Along with this much of my focus is on skiing. I love the way it feels to be skiing down a hill with nothing on your brain except for what your body is doing. Because of this I have become a ceritified ski instructor hoping to pass on this amazement and love of the sport.