November 21, 2006

Technopolies: how technology has shaped the way we live

Though it cannot be denied that technology is ever changeing, it can also be concluded that technology will never fade away. It will always grow and improve upon its predecessors. It is a common function of life to advance and become more efficient. Evolution is one example. Species adjust to their environment in hopes of increasing efficiency and farmiliarness. Sme goes with technology, it grows with time. Ever since the cavemen learned how to hunt, we have studied and implemented various ways to gather. Yes, we may just go to the store and buy groceries. But the food had to come somewhere. THe fact of the matter is that it was gathered, just like the cavemen gathered. So, not only does technology change and improve, some technology does not ever go away. There are many examples in which old technology is never discovered. Some just don't have faith in old technology. But the Eqyptian build the pyramids (the theory goes "with the help of the aliens) with technologies that we have not even yet uncovered. So mustn't think of technology as a chronological order. But moreso a steady uncovering of our potential as human beings. I think that one of the major problems with technology is that it is look upon as a "cure all". We have become so heavily dependant on it that if it were abruptly taken out of society, we would be right back to where we started, all as hunter/gatherers. I think that we need to respect technology in such a way that we recognize that it is out own creation. In this, we must recognize that we are not perfect. Technology does shape the way we live. It seems like a form of out nature as humans. But therein lays a problem. We don't recognize it as a natural characteristic. We, as human, think that we are the ones that created advancement, and we think that we should get all of the credit and benefits. In a way, we should. But we must never faulter to remember that technology and te advancement of technology is a natural characteristic in nature. We must humble ourselves to the study because it has such an effect on the rest of the world. And in the wrong hands, technology can destroy us. So I say we proceed with unconditional caution when it comes to technology and understanding of nature.

October 24, 2006

My Entropic Life: My Personal Battle Against Time

I am sure that each and every person can recall a time when they unexpectantly became a victim of poor service. Whether it was at the grocery store, the gas station, the mall, it has happened to ALL of us. What does not realize, however, is poor service and it's close relationship to time. For in fact, if we had all of the time in the world, would not poor service be less serious. In our "time is money" economy, we fail to recognize how truly valuable time really is. In investigating this issue, we may be able to come to a better undertstand about how to cope with the opposition of time and what methods we can use to harness it's value on a more effevtive level.

Firstly, I would like to begin with an experience I am currently having with a product that I recently purchased on eBay. This ties into the opposition of time, I guarantee it, please listen to my story knowing that I will clarify it later.

I recently purchased a brand new camcorder on ebay. When I received it, it was internally broken. The seller would not accept a refund and I was stuck with a broken camcorder. We could not settle the dispute through emails so I had no choice but to escalade the whole matter into a claim. We then have thirty days to resolve our issue and then ebay will investigate on their own time. I am hoping that the seller will pay for a repair. Here, however, lies the problem. When I brought the camera to Best Buy, they took it and I paid $24 deposit to get it examined. THey then called TWO WEEKS later and told me they would not repair it. So half of a month went by and still no progress. I now have to send it in to Canon and that will take another two weeks. All I wanted was a good working camera. Instead, I ended up with a major headache.

This is all very relevant to opposition in our society because poor service really affects how we value time. It makes us realize that time precious and we must make the right decisions before jumping the gun. I think that one problem in society is that people are lazy and only care about themselves. Interdependance has, in a way, died in our society somewhere and it's very hard to find good quality service these days. In terms of opposition, time is always against us. If the opposition did not exist, there would be no problems. But in such a fast paced world it is very difficult to imagine such a world. Time is important, however, because without it we would not progress as a human race. On that note, time is not just a clock on the wall. It is a set schedule that must occur. As frustrating and stressful as it may be, time must be present in our society for the better of mankind.

October 9, 2006

SuperMassiveBlackHoles: Myth or Reality

Some would say that SuperMassiveBlackHoles are a far fetched theory that scientists have conjured up out of their imagination. When in fact the theory itself is not too far gone. However, in or to analyze the phenomena one must keep an open mind and listen to the claims of those who believe in the theory.

As many of us have learned there is a unique way of breaking down phenomena into distinct elements. These are: things, frameworks, and clockworks. An interpretation that I myself can not argue with. Manily because I do not see any fault with it. In relevance to supermassiveblackholes, they contain all of the attributes of a phenomena. The thing would be the black hole itself. The framework would be the other black holes in the universe. The clockworks would be the frequency of the actual black hole. In theory, black holes pull a galaxy into a point known as the singularuty. To this day, no one can truly grasp the concept of a singulariy complex, but it is the only explainable reason for a black hole. Moving on, the black hole will pull the stars and surrounding planets into its center as such a great speed that it pushes stars away from the black hole. Because of this, the black hole will suck up the rest of the galaxy and then lay dormant. This process is repeated over and over again over billions of years. This would decribe the clockwork of the supermassiveblackhole.

Being that this is a concept that is percieved to be true by many, it can be categorized as a phenomena. I, myself am open to the idea as scary as it proves to be. I once thought that anything with th e characteristic of a phenomena was unexplainable, yet scientist are coming closer and closer to hard evidence of supermassiveblackholes and their existence in nature. It is we, that must keep an open mind and not judge other opinions based solely on our gut insticts and social influences. Phenomena happen everyday hidden in broad daylight. THey cannot always be seen, but they are undoubtedly there.

Northrop Plaza: a deeper meaning for students

As many would consider the "Heart" of the University of Minnesota, the Cyrus Northrop Memorial Auditorium along with Johnston Hall and Morrill Hall form the "Northrop Plaza" in the Mall area of the Minneapolis Campus. Here, on any given day, can be found students studying, reading, eating, or just engaging in a well deserved power nap. I think that we can all relate. Many students find the Northrop Plaza meaningful in many different aspects. For me, however, it serves a deeper purpose.

The first time I stepped foot in the Mall Area I was intrigued. I felt a sense of tranquility and peacefullness. I think that was because I realized that no matter how many students were there talking and going about their daily duties, the Mall was still quiet. I felt as if the place almost had power over myself and the students. In the center of the Mall Area I found the Northrop Plaza. I find it really easy to get work done here. Getting away from the dorms and away from temptations that may drive me away from doing my homework is the only way that I can successfully study.

Sitting on one of those tables, just gazing up at the beautiful Northrop Memorial Auditorium on a lazy day with the sun beaming down on me, the wind gently blowing across the Mall, with the students coming and going, and the squirrels minding their own business without a care in the world, I feel at peace and one with the campus. I find it fascinating that my surroundings can have such an impact on my life. Expecially my emotions. One reason behind while I feel a connection at the Plaza is because the buildings actually enclose me and make me feel a sense of being cradled. I think one of the major symbols for a university is tall stone columns and old architecture. The place really helps me focus on school and, in a way, forces me to succeed or at least attempt to. If you ever feel like you are just not making any progress on your homework, and it's a nice day outside, I would highly recommend checking it out!

September 27, 2006

being late to class: acceptable or disrespectful?

When searching for a social design issue, I thought about what affected me and what actions strongly conjured my emotions. I came up with the issue of showing up late to class. Not myself, of course, but compared to high school I found it very flattering that so many students choose to show up late to class. I feel like class does not truly get started until about 15 minutes into it. But these are just my personal opinions. Some may disagree and believe that it is ok to show up late to class. There are generically two seperate attitudes:

1. "We pay our tuition, we should be able to make our own choices and if showing up late to class is one of them, then we have right to do so." -random student 1

2. "We pay our tuition so I think that we should be able to reap the benefits of a full class without interruptions or disturbances that effect the learning experience." -random student 2

I would have to agree with the second students' ideology. For example, the other day in my SEAM class, we had a guest speaker giving a powerpoint presentation. And as stated in the syllabus, we began the class promtly at 2:30pm. She began her introduction and a brief background of herself and low and behold a student walks in ten minutes late to class. For one, this is disrespectful and rude. It also shows a lack of caring for the individual presenting that day. We are in college, and should act like responsible adults. We've had planty of practice getting to class in the past, I don't see why it is such a problem here at the U.

My solution? I think that if a student is late to class, he/she should not show up at all in respect of the other students who actually care about learning. In order to integrate this new policy into the University procedure, an email will need to be sent to the entire student and faculty body. The professors and TA's will need to inform and then implement the new policy. The first few weeks will be difficult, but if they stick too it, us students who care about learning and wish to reap the benefits of a college education would be finally able to sit through an uninterrupted class everyday.

September 14, 2006

energy exchange at Midtown Market

The Midtown Market, located in the old Sears store on Lake Street in South Minneapolis is home to a variety of different sounds, smells, and ambiences. Here there can be found many vendors selling fresh produce, jewelry, art, and a variety of other cultural products. Immediatey upon arriving, the place captivated my senses and excited me. It was a clash of cultures, so to speak. I absorbed the sights, the sounds, the music, and the smells from food that I had never seen before. It was an experience that I will not soon forget.

What captivated me the most was the energy of the place. I could sense how alive the market was. Not just the vendors and consumers exchanging and conversing. There was a certain underlying aspect of the place that made me feel like I was standing in a flow, and unperturbed flow of which I could not quite grasp onto in a physical sense.

The most compelling energetic aspects of the Market was definitely the vast array of smells. Everywhere I went there was a different smells in the air. I tried to figure out what it was that I was smelling, but I could never put a finger on it. In the shops, chefs were cooking foods that I have never laid my eye upon. It reminded me that there is so much more to explore out in the world and that I should not be reluctant to explore foreign worlds and cultures. At the Market, I felt like I was not in Minneapolis, but rather a world where there were no countries or boudary lines. I felt as if I was in some sort of Atlantis.

The most obvious energy exchange that I immediately noticed was the cooking, selling, purchasing, and consumption of food. However, there were many other sources of energy that contributed to the flow of the place. Everything was in motion; It was very fast-paced. I thought about how everyone had there own story and own intentions for being at the market that day. But every single person also contributed to the atmoshpere that I found at the Marketplace. It was just like any typical event gathering. Some people were nice, some were rude, some smelled bad, and some I couldn't understand. But those are all different aspects that made the Market so unique. In a world growing more and more diverse with every turn of the page, we need to remember that we are all just people. Sometimes, it's neccessary to look beyond ethnicity, race, and cultural differences. The enegy exchange at the Midtown Market is a perfect example of how we need to come together and unify in order to make progress.

September 13, 2006

My Future Goals

MegaCity Pyramid.bmp
This is a particular project that one day I hope to be a part of-designing the first arcology, a city in a pyramid. This is a drawing of a Japanese proposal known as the Shimizu MegaCity Pyramid.

Ocean View Restaurant

These are some drawings of a design that my team worked on last year. It is a seafood restaurant located in Safe Harbor, Florida. As you can see, the design is very simple, yet provides the customer more than just dining experience. Structural attributes such as the aquarium tunnel and dance floor provide a unique layout and mixes contemporary style restaurants with a more laid back approch. Please feel free to browse through the many drawings and floorplans.

Architecture Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. Please be patient, this is my first blog and is still in construction. However, expect many improvements that give insight into my background and my work. Thank you.

Looking out over Minneapolis

This was a picture taken on the second day of my college career. I am still adjusting to my new home. I really think this image captures the beauty of the city and the brilliant landscape of the Metro Area.