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My Entropic Life: My Personal Battle Against Time

I am sure that each and every person can recall a time when they unexpectantly became a victim of poor service. Whether it was at the grocery store, the gas station, the mall, it has happened to ALL of us. What does not realize, however, is poor service and it's close relationship to time. For in fact, if we had all of the time in the world, would not poor service be less serious. In our "time is money" economy, we fail to recognize how truly valuable time really is. In investigating this issue, we may be able to come to a better undertstand about how to cope with the opposition of time and what methods we can use to harness it's value on a more effevtive level.

Firstly, I would like to begin with an experience I am currently having with a product that I recently purchased on eBay. This ties into the opposition of time, I guarantee it, please listen to my story knowing that I will clarify it later.

I recently purchased a brand new camcorder on ebay. When I received it, it was internally broken. The seller would not accept a refund and I was stuck with a broken camcorder. We could not settle the dispute through emails so I had no choice but to escalade the whole matter into a claim. We then have thirty days to resolve our issue and then ebay will investigate on their own time. I am hoping that the seller will pay for a repair. Here, however, lies the problem. When I brought the camera to Best Buy, they took it and I paid $24 deposit to get it examined. THey then called TWO WEEKS later and told me they would not repair it. So half of a month went by and still no progress. I now have to send it in to Canon and that will take another two weeks. All I wanted was a good working camera. Instead, I ended up with a major headache.

This is all very relevant to opposition in our society because poor service really affects how we value time. It makes us realize that time precious and we must make the right decisions before jumping the gun. I think that one problem in society is that people are lazy and only care about themselves. Interdependance has, in a way, died in our society somewhere and it's very hard to find good quality service these days. In terms of opposition, time is always against us. If the opposition did not exist, there would be no problems. But in such a fast paced world it is very difficult to imagine such a world. Time is important, however, because without it we would not progress as a human race. On that note, time is not just a clock on the wall. It is a set schedule that must occur. As frustrating and stressful as it may be, time must be present in our society for the better of mankind.