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SuperMassiveBlackHoles: Myth or Reality

Some would say that SuperMassiveBlackHoles are a far fetched theory that scientists have conjured up out of their imagination. When in fact the theory itself is not too far gone. However, in or to analyze the phenomena one must keep an open mind and listen to the claims of those who believe in the theory.

As many of us have learned there is a unique way of breaking down phenomena into distinct elements. These are: things, frameworks, and clockworks. An interpretation that I myself can not argue with. Manily because I do not see any fault with it. In relevance to supermassiveblackholes, they contain all of the attributes of a phenomena. The thing would be the black hole itself. The framework would be the other black holes in the universe. The clockworks would be the frequency of the actual black hole. In theory, black holes pull a galaxy into a point known as the singularuty. To this day, no one can truly grasp the concept of a singulariy complex, but it is the only explainable reason for a black hole. Moving on, the black hole will pull the stars and surrounding planets into its center as such a great speed that it pushes stars away from the black hole. Because of this, the black hole will suck up the rest of the galaxy and then lay dormant. This process is repeated over and over again over billions of years. This would decribe the clockwork of the supermassiveblackhole.

Being that this is a concept that is percieved to be true by many, it can be categorized as a phenomena. I, myself am open to the idea as scary as it proves to be. I once thought that anything with th e characteristic of a phenomena was unexplainable, yet scientist are coming closer and closer to hard evidence of supermassiveblackholes and their existence in nature. It is we, that must keep an open mind and not judge other opinions based solely on our gut insticts and social influences. Phenomena happen everyday hidden in broad daylight. THey cannot always be seen, but they are undoubtedly there.


You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.