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Les photos et La Vie dans La Verrie

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I'm still working on getting pictures on here. I found out that I have to save them as a different file type or something like that.

Anyway, I was able to see Manon's little brother, Kevin sing in a chorus. It is a group of kids from a certain school with a very good music program. They will be singing at the Puy de Fou (a large park, I think I've mentioned it before) on Friday and I am excited to see that show.

The last few days we haven't done any touristy things, but I have been able to observe what life is like for a real French family. Yesterday we went to the HyperU for some groceries. I have never seen a store so big before! About half the store is groceries (that half is the size of a big grocery store in the US) and the other half is all kinds of other things like clothes, tools, toys, etc.

Fete de Musique

I attended the Fete de Musique in Les Herbiers yesterday. Manon tells me that this happens once a year - the first day of summer. In a bunch of French towns, they have some streets closed of for this festival. Then there are musicians playing on different corners of streets. You can hear all kinds of music here - even some in english (I heard Vertigo and People are Strange).

It was very fun to see this event in person and get to listen to all the French musicians, especially the ones singing in english (because they had very thick accents). I am very glad I was able to attend le fete de musique!


Some musicians playing for the crowd


Here you can see just how many people attend these kinds of events in France.

A beautiful sunset as we return to the car.

Les Musees en France

First of all, there should be an accent in Musees, but I don't remember how to make it on the computer when I'm not using Microsoft Word.

Today I visited Historial de la Vendee (again, Vendee needs an accent). It is a very interesting museum about a war that started after Kind Louis XVI died. There are a bunch of different mini museums within this museum. There is a prehistory section that deals with tons of little tools and bones archaelogists dug up. There is an antiquity section for the Gallic and Gallo-Roman history. The medieval millenary section shows off religious relics from - guess when - the medieval period. The modern times section displays artifacts from when brave men sailed for the New World. There is a section for the War of Vendee. Of course this is where everything they have from/about this particular war is displayed. The 19th and the first 20th centuries section deals with how Vendee became what it is today after the war. And the dawn of the 3rd millennium is a section that was closed off during my visit.

There is also a small children's museum within this museum. I walked through it and it shows kids all kinds of things about farm animals and the products that come from farm animals. Here they could milk a cow (obviously not a real one), search the tiny kitchen for items that came from different animals, and even learn what each animal eats. There were games, activities and bright colors around every corner. Definetly a cool place to go for children.

J'arrive en France

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I have finally arrived in France after two very long flights. I was miserably sick on the flights and the first two days in France. However, now that I am feeling better I will be able to begin sightseeing and researching.
I did get to see something that not many people get to see if they visit France...the inside of a doctor's office! It's not very exciting, but oh well. It is very cheap to visit the doctor over here. It only cost 23 euros (that's about $28.50). I didn't have an appointment either. Manon (my host mom) said that from 8-12, you do not need an appointment to visit the doctors over here. After noon, you need an appointment, but they have those set hours for those without appointments. I thought that was pretty cool.

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