J'arrive en France

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I have finally arrived in France after two very long flights. I was miserably sick on the flights and the first two days in France. However, now that I am feeling better I will be able to begin sightseeing and researching.
I did get to see something that not many people get to see if they visit France...the inside of a doctor's office! It's not very exciting, but oh well. It is very cheap to visit the doctor over here. It only cost 23 euros (that's about $28.50). I didn't have an appointment either. Manon (my host mom) said that from 8-12, you do not need an appointment to visit the doctors over here. After noon, you need an appointment, but they have those set hours for those without appointments. I thought that was pretty cool.

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It's not true for every doctors (the fact that you can go with no appointment in the morning). Every doctor makes his own schedule. But the price is the same everywhere. (And you didn't say that, it's not expensive and moreover we get part of the money back from "La Sécurité Sociale"...)
If you want to put pictures of us, the house, the village... in your blog, no problem for us.
Also, I find it very nice you writing "host mom" talking about me but do you know I was born in 1987 ? ;-)
You can also tell people you'll try to go to this place http://www.puydufou.com/ maybe today, or tommorrow, or really soon for sure !

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