Mes derniers jours en France


My last few days in France are here. Ever since my mother arrived, time has flown by. However, I am ready to go home. I miss Minnesota! I miss American food (although I will miss the bread here), I miss ICE WATER, I miss air conditioning and fans (which there seems to be a lack of here, and of course, I miss Paul (my boyfriend).

Here are some more photos of what my last few days have looked like here:


My mom and I at the Eiffel Tower


Close-Up of the Tower


Watching the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower was completely surreal. We were around the Eiffel Tower all day so we had to wait a while to see the Tower at night. There were plenty of entertainers around the Eiffel Tower to keep us busy until the sun set though.


Absolutely beautiful....


There are no pictures that could possibly compare to the actual sight of this magnificent monument in person. But, I think my pictures are pretty good. At the top of every hour, there is a twinkling light show that lasts for 5 minutes.


The Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower. This is a view from the top of the tower.


The Arc de Triomphe


There was a grand palace in front of a giant pool where kids could rent mini sail boats to sail around the water.


Ah France....


Seems like you had time to see plenty of things. Many things I've never seen in my life as a French girl.
Can't believe you miss american food. Maybe you didn't really try French food...

It's funny that you miss Ice water. I was missing regular water with no ices when I was in the USA. But when you are in a different country, you just have to adapt to it.

And I tell you in the newt message my thoughts about air conditioners. Here is a website :
where you'll find other explanations.
"Indeed, if everyone in the world lived as Americans do we would need 5.3 planets to support us. As the world's largest energy consumer, producer, and importer, the United States is the world's single largest emitter of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels - accounting for ΒΌ of all greenhouse gas emissions on our planet. Americans own more and bigger cars and use 4.5 times the amount of gas used by Europeans. 31% of America's natural fresh water resources - mostly in the western part of the country - chronically suffer "severe water stress". Americans generate more municipal waste, and spend more money treating it, than any other country in the world."

Take care.

I would just like to say this was a GREAT trip for Stacey and I. We had FUN, we saw more sights and sounds in Paris than I could ever have imagined. For the most part, the people were friendly. The number of homeless people and people begging for money was surprising to me. Of course, whenever there are that many people in one place, there will be people to take advantage of travelers. I think this is the case no matter where you go in the world.
Stacey wanted to do research on museums and I have to admit Paris had plenty of museusm for her to pick from. I know I learned just as much as Stacey.

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