Puy de Fou

The Puy de Fou is a HUGE park in France. It has all kinds of different shows and spectacles for visitors to see. Yesterday, I went there by myself.

First I saw a magician show. It was alright, but nothing fantastic. It is one of the smaller shows at the Puy de Fou, so it was bound to be a little less impressive than other shows. It was still fun to see though.

Next, I went to the Ball of the Phantom Birds, again. I have seen that show already with Manon, Eric and the kids, but this time I brought my Digital SLR! I got some really fantastic pictures of some birds, both in flight and standing still. Even though I had already seen the show and knew what was going to happen, I was still amazed. I have never seen a show like this before.

Here are some of the pictures I took of these amazing birds...







After that, I went in search for food. I didn't want anything expensive like at a sit-down restaurant (yes there are a few of those in this park). All I wanted was a sandwich and something to drink. On the map, I saw all kinds of little stops for such things, but I couldn't find them in the park! I circled around the same scenes several times before I saw a place with cold sandwiches.

After I had my fill, I headed towards the area with all the animals. They have a GIANT area where there are a tons of different animals, some fenced in, some not. I ventured into some new areas that I hadn't been to before and did some exploring before the next show I wanted to see.

Gladiators! That was the last show I wanted to see for the day. There is a huge mock colosseum as the stage for this event and the spectators get to sit in the colosseum like they did in ancient Rome. Unfortunately, I hadn't charged my battery enough before I left, so my battery died. I only got two pictures of the outside of the colosseum. *sigh* Oh well, it was really cool to see and definetly worthwhile.

After a very long day of tons of walking and even more sunshine, I left the Puy de Fou with some really amazing pictures (that I will put on here as soon as I get around to it).

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