Un certain conseil pour d'autres voyageurs

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For my last blog entry, I have decided to give some advice to others who may travel to Europe in the future.

Buy your electrical converters BEFORE you get to your destination. Make sure you know how many things you need to plug in at once. If you plan on charging things overnight, it may be worth while to buy an extra converter.
Also, if you plan to travel more later on, I would buy a converter for multiple countries right away. It will save you money in the long run.

If you're traveling in Europe in the summer, it will make your trip MUCH better if you invest in a little 4 inch fan for the nights. It is not uncommmon for hotels to NOT provide fans, and most places are NOT air conditioned. If you have just a little 4 inch fan to blow on yourself while you're trying to sleep, you will have a much better stay.

For travel in the summer, bring a nalgene bottle and invest in a waterproof sleeve to carry it in. You will save yourself A LOT of money. You can just fill up your bottle in the bathrooms from the sinks when you run out.

Either be prepared to walk a lot or pay more money for transport. This tip depends upon what you want to see, but you can save a lot of money if you walk to your destinations. Also, if you walk, you can see much more of the town you are visiting.

If you are wearing a bag that sits on your back, be aware at all times. I would advise you to use bags that are side-slung. Keep one arm over the side-slung bags as well. Don't get me wrong, you can still wear backpack-type bags while traveling, just be aware of the people around you. Pickpockets are everywhere at all times of the day.

If anyone has any questions about the trip or anything, feel free to e-mail me at schm2010@d.umn.edu

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Hello Stacey. I'm happy you had this great tourism tour in Paris. But I'm kind of unhappy about your description of France. It's really like if you didn't like this country. You didn't even try to get accomodate to it. In fact, it seems like you were waiting for France to be like the USA.
In France we don't have too much air conditioner and you can read in this article http://www.alternet.org/environment/147495/air-conditioning_is_terrible_for_the_earth_--_here's_how_to_live_without_it
Why it's better not to have it. Do you know how much energy it waste ?
On the other side, when I was in Arizona, I tought there was too much air conditioner everywhere. So much that it was impossible to wear contact lenses for example ! And so much that you can get a cold just while shopping ! I don't think this is more normal that what we do in France.

About transportation, subway in Paris is really not that expensive and is worth trying it.

and in your description we feel like there are plenty of pickpockets in Paris. Don't forget, we are in Europe in a very safe country.

Take care.

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