Journal Entries

I am journaling about the most interesting thing that happened to me each day for eight days.

Day 1 (Tuesday)
-Had cookies and watched TV with friends, but the cable went out.

Day 2 (Wednesday)
-SDO Bonfire. Seagulls wanted our smores

Day 3 (Thursday)
-Got a pizza in the food court with friends

Day 4 (Friday)
-Went to the Johnny Holmes Band concert at Scholastica

Day 5 (Saturday)
-Bought a new car

Response to Chapter 3

I will be using a linear narrative to tell sell the idea of traveling to my audience. I will also be concentrating heavily on guiding the viewer around my piece. In fact, I am going to have a "route" for the viewer to follow printed directly on the page as a red or possible blue line. Another aspect of design that I will be focusing heavily on is the use of white space. My vision for this project is something fairly clean. It will resemble a map except without being cluttered with all the details of a landscape that a regular map contains.

Chapter Readings

Proportion is one idea from the reading that I plan to pay attention to in my project. I'll have to pay attention to how the size of the type and the type bubbles relate to the piece as a whole. I'll also have to consider the ratio of the images to white space. I will also be looking closely at the relationship between my images. Specifically looking at the principles of proximity, unity, and alignment. I also plan on using a heavy, visible, grid in my piece. Since I am fashioning my project to look like a map I will have a light grid guiding the viewer around the page.

Mood Board


Contemporary poster

Contemporary food.jpg

This poster is a poster advertising American food in Brazil. I thought it was a good example of contemporary design that relates back to a classic style. It's obviously referencing the pop art of Andy Warhol with the bright colors and the repetedness of the design.

Magazine Article Analysis

I found an article about the music artist Drake in Complex magazine. It features images of him in a city with the lights of cars streaking by while the Title of the article is being caught in the path and scattered. I thought this was interesting because Drake has really blown up fast as an artist. He was fairly unknown until just a little while ago, so comparing him to fast moving cars is very appropriate. Also, the type being kind of chaotic and scattered makes sense because I can imagine that life is pretty crazy fro him right now. He's going through a lifestyle change becoming this famous this fast, however by showing him standing still in the images, it tells us that he's still the same person and staying true to himself.


Response to Design and Parody

I think that parody is a good way to make people look at things in a new way. Just like in the Iraq poster. The artist presented the information about what happened in the Abu Grhraib prison in a different way than people have seen it before. The fact that he presented it in a way that related to our mass culture made the image take on a whole new meaning, and have a bigger impact than the original photo did. Plus I thought that the pictures after the story were very interesting also. The way a poster can be broken down into all the elements that inspired it is really cool.

International Design

Below is a link to some Swiss designs that I found. One thing that I notice right away about Swiss design is how simple it is. That I think is one thing that we don't do much of here in the US. The Swiss are masters of simple design. They know how to include the minimal amount of imagery and their type faces are always very simple and this works for them very well.