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I learned a lot from the article on color. Especially towards the end of the article where it talked about what different colors mean around the world. like black in China is usually associated with little boys, or white in Japan is a funerary color. Also, I thought the article was a good review of different color terms and how colors relate to each other. Overall I liked the article.

Social Cause/Change Inspiration

Looking through the list of inspirational material, there were a couple of designs that stood out to me. One of which is pictured in the link above. It's of a picture of two people, one, a native New Zealander I'm assuming with tattoos on his face, and the other a caucasian person with words written on her face to mimic the tattoos of the first person. I found this piece interesting because it focuses on a different group of people than a lot of social design. Facial tattoos are still not widely excepted in our society, so to have a piece of artwork talking about excepting someone for these reasons is a different approach to the overall problem of coexistence. Also, I think that having these two people nose to nose with the words on the face mimicking the tattoos works very well design wise.


Probably the most recent images that have inspired me are ones that I found online while looking for inspiration for another class. The page that the link at the top goes to is a page of some works of a guy named Takeshi. I don't really know anything about him. I just happened to stumble upon this page and find these images. Some of them are artworks and some of them are advertisements. I found inspiration in these images mostly because of the creativity of the images. I like some better than other others and I think some work better than others, but they are all definitely very creative. Also what inspires me is the use of color and different imagery in each piece. I love rich and bright colors and I try to use them whenever I can. In all of his pieces, his colors are very deep and rich. They're definitely eye catching and I think, in most cases, Takeshi was very successful at combing multiple images to create a dreamlike effect in a whole piece. I was really impressed with his work and inspired by it.

What I want to learn in GD 1

Overall, I really just want to learn how to be a more effective designer. I want to learn new ways of engaging people in my designs and making them pay attention to what I have to say in what I'm designing. I'm looking forward to broadening my perspective of design in this class.

Response to reading "The Astonish Me Problem"

I enjoyed the article about "the astonish me problem." I never really consciously thought about the problem of engaging viewers in new ways before. When I set out to make something, my goal is usually to make something that looks interesting and cool, but I'm typically not thinking about challenging my viewer in new ways. I was surprised to learn that designers were using visual tricks to engage viewers way back in the 1930s. I also thought the part of the article about how designers can make viewers interact with their designs in a physical way by creating things that require whoever is perceiving to move it or touch the design in some way. Overall, I liked this article. I learned some new things and it reminded me of aspects of design that I should always be thinking about.

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