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Contemporary poster

Contemporary food.jpg

This poster is a poster advertising American food in Brazil. I thought it was a good example of contemporary design that relates back to a classic style. It's obviously referencing the pop art of Andy Warhol with the bright colors and the repetedness of the design.

Magazine Article Analysis

I found an article about the music artist Drake in Complex magazine. It features images of him in a city with the lights of cars streaking by while the Title of the article is being caught in the path and scattered. I thought this was interesting because Drake has really blown up fast as an artist. He was fairly unknown until just a little while ago, so comparing him to fast moving cars is very appropriate. Also, the type being kind of chaotic and scattered makes sense because I can imagine that life is pretty crazy fro him right now. He's going through a lifestyle change becoming this famous this fast, however by showing him standing still in the images, it tells us that he's still the same person and staying true to himself.

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