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Response to Chapter 3

I will be using a linear narrative to tell sell the idea of traveling to my audience. I will also be concentrating heavily on guiding the viewer around my piece. In fact, I am going to have a "route" for the viewer to follow printed directly on the page as a red or possible blue line. Another aspect of design that I will be focusing heavily on is the use of white space. My vision for this project is something fairly clean. It will resemble a map except without being cluttered with all the details of a landscape that a regular map contains.

Chapter Readings

Proportion is one idea from the reading that I plan to pay attention to in my project. I'll have to pay attention to how the size of the type and the type bubbles relate to the piece as a whole. I'll also have to consider the ratio of the images to white space. I will also be looking closely at the relationship between my images. Specifically looking at the principles of proximity, unity, and alignment. I also plan on using a heavy, visible, grid in my piece. Since I am fashioning my project to look like a map I will have a light grid guiding the viewer around the page.

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