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Contemporary poster

Contemporary food.jpg

This poster is a poster advertising American food in Brazil. I thought it was a good example of contemporary design that relates back to a classic style. It's obviously referencing the pop art of Andy Warhol with the bright colors and the repetedness of the design.

International Design

Below is a link to some Swiss designs that I found. One thing that I notice right away about Swiss design is how simple it is. That I think is one thing that we don't do much of here in the US. The Swiss are masters of simple design. They know how to include the minimal amount of imagery and their type faces are always very simple and this works for them very well.

Social Cause/Change Inspiration

Looking through the list of inspirational material, there were a couple of designs that stood out to me. One of which is pictured in the link above. It's of a picture of two people, one, a native New Zealander I'm assuming with tattoos on his face, and the other a caucasian person with words written on her face to mimic the tattoos of the first person. I found this piece interesting because it focuses on a different group of people than a lot of social design. Facial tattoos are still not widely excepted in our society, so to have a piece of artwork talking about excepting someone for these reasons is a different approach to the overall problem of coexistence. Also, I think that having these two people nose to nose with the words on the face mimicking the tattoos works very well design wise.

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