book inspiration
i like this site pretty much just because it displays a TON of different book covers... i thought maybe i could get some inspiration from their color choices etc. 

i don't know how i found this site and i have yet to look at all its features... i just think its really neat how they categorize things.. and give you a whole ton of things that pertain to that ... like minimalism for example... if you click on it it will give you a variety of different web pages that have used minimalism as a design scheme. 


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style guide

inspiration for application
these are just some clever ideas for billboards and inspiration for logo application. 

here is kind of some information for application... i think it may actually give more inspiration for the motion graphics project. 


more inspiration
i like this site because it not only just shows you logs, it talks about todays trends in logos and how it is affective. It talks about popular images being used and so on. The site also features different designers and kind of takes you through their process. ( ) -- this site takes you to a bunch of logo inspiration sites. - i like this link from there because it shows you what people are doing right now. 


logo inspiration 
i think this site has some good clever ideas for logos. i like the use of symbols connecting with the type. 

i like the variety of design and ideas you can find on this site. 

references on color 
i thought this was an interesting site for finding colors that go well together. I think they are pretty much made by the general public, but there are thousands of options you can search through. 

The minute i got to this site i was drawn to how well it was created. The color pallets really stand out against the black background. Its very easy to find your way around the site. each color scheme it titled, making it easy to search for something pertaining to a certain topic. 


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