April 13, 2009

For the Overweight, Bad Advice by the Spoonful-Times Essentials

This article in the New York Times was very interesting since we are on the topic of diet and health. What caught my eye was when offspring were mentioned. I have one offspring and like to better my daily living so he will grow into a smart and healthy young man. When I found out I was pregant, I turn a huge turn in my diet and started eating more nutritious foods and increased my variety of foods. I think is was a very wise decision and I am greatful that I made it because now I can model good eating habits. One thing that I do regret is while I was a few months along, I had an intense craving(the only craving for soda that I ever had) for a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper and went to Sonic's fast food and bought a- I think it's called a Sonic Size cup. Anyway, It was the best tasting soda I drank in my life because I had the craving and filled it to the max. Unfortunately, I felt so guilty that I quit the stuff(soda) for about 2 and a half years. I haven't had a craving since then and my son won't drink anything with caffiene. I am doing great in my efforts to set a good example and this article made me think of this point in my life where I wanted to change my diet for the best in me and my son. Gina Kolata states, "conditions during pregnancy, including the mother’s diet, may determine how fat the offspring are as adults. Human studies have shown that women who eat little in pregnancy, surprisingly, more often have children who grow into fat adults. More than a dozen studies have found that children are more likely to be fat if their mothers smoke during pregnancy." Although this is all the article states about pregnancy and "fat" offspring, it interested me. I would like to see these studies and read what actually took place because even the title says, "Bad Advise by the Spoonful." I wonder what else I could do to help my son be healthy and am I doing the best I can right now. My son seems very healthy, not counting the colds he gets from the all the carriers on the playgroud and spreads to me. That seems unavoidable and my son had learned that hand washing helps to decrease getting sick and sneezing or coughing into your elbow. He even reminds me on that. It is hard for me to remember that. Maybe one day I will be as good as him.

For the Overweight, Bad Advice by the Spoonful