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Blog Prompt Six

My group has Millennium Development Goal number 7: Ensure environmental sustainability. We have just begun our research, but so far I find the topic very interesting, and I feel it is very important.

Our group hasn't done much in terms of thinking about how to present our final project, but I have a few ideas.

Since our goal is ensuring environmental sustainability, I think we should present our information in an environmentally sustainable way. This could be as simple as printing our final papers on recycled papers.

Part of our project is developing a way to build an environmentally sustainable and friendly community. We could possibly build a diorama, or some small scale physical example of what our community's layout would look like when we were finished.

Another idea, if we wanted to present our information in a poster fashion, is we could use slabs of wood as "posters" and paint the information on the wood. This would reduce our use of paper in our project.

I feel that because the point of our project is to ensure environmental sustainability we should present our information in a way that is just that.