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Blog Prompt Eight and Nine

"reflect on two of the MDG presentations"

#1 Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

The group that presented this goal in my section focused on Ethiopia. They had very powerful pictures in their presentation, and it was very moving. 23% of the population in Ethiopia lives on less than a dollar a day. Another shocking statistic is that 40% of kids under the age of 5 are severely under weight.

There are several organizations involved in reducing the extreme poverty and extreme hunger in this region. SEDA is an organization that is helping to develop strong agriculture to provide food and money for poor families.

There have also been several design projects that have lead to improve the living conditions in Ethiopia and other areas of Africa. The 'Life Straw' is a straw that has a built in filter that allows people to drink water that isn't sanitary and as they suck it through the straw, the straw filters the water. There are individual and family Life Straws and the filter lasts for about a year. There also is the Q drum which allows for an easier transfer of water from the pump back to their homes. The Q drum is designed so it can be dragged rather than carried.

I enjoyed this presentation. I thought the group did a great job!

#6 HIV/AIDS/Malaria

The second group to present in my section presented on reducing the number of people with HIV/AIDS and Malaria. This was another moving presentation. The region they analyzed was the sub Saharan in Africa, particularly Zambia and Zimbabwe. 2/3 of the world's population who have HIV/AIDS are from one of these two countries. approximately one million people die per year from HIV/AIDS in this region.

There are many organizations in this region who are working to educated the people on HIV/AIDS and teach them how to prevent contracting the disease.

Architecture for Humanity conducted a contest to find a design for an information center that will further help educate the population.

Malaria is another issue in this region. Close to 2 million children die each year from Malaria. An organization called 'Nothing but Nets' is providing mosquito netting for families to help protect from infected mosquitoes. For as little as a $10 dollar donation, Nothing but Nets is able to provide mosquito nets for families and children.

I think the MDG projects were a great project. They helped us gain a perspective of the world, and become thankful for what we have here in the U.S., but hopefully also inspired people to try to make a difference.