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Teen Parents

An unexpected pregnancy is always a hard thing to deal with because you not prepared. If this were to happen to someone who is a teenager it can be even more difficult, but life is not over. While carrying a child will be hard and will require a lot of responsibility it is worth giving this child a chance. If you think you are ready to keep the child that can be great, but if you are not prepared or don’t have the resources to give the child the best you can, you have options like adoption. If you know parenting is something you will not be ready for any time soon you should practice safe sex or abstinence. You can go to clinics like Planned Parenthood and the Teen Annex to learn about birth control pills, condoms, and other safe sex practice. You can also learn about STD’s, the chances of getting pregnant, and what to do if you think you might be pregnant. There are so many options for teens to get help when faced with problems concerning sex, pregnancy, and parenting. No matter what you think you are never alone and there is always someone waiting to help you.