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Ideas for Term Paper Cover

Water Pollution cover page idea.jpg

The goal my group is presenting is goal 7, environmental sustainability. We have chosen to write about water quality issues in Poland. The above picture is an idea for the cover page. I chose this image because the cover page needs to be dramatic. It needs to catch the attention of the reader and get them interested in what they will be reading. This image is a dramatic representation of what water quality is like in some parts of the world. The text suggests that the idea of everyone having the right to clean water is being challanged by our own actions. We are polluting our water and now some people don't have the option of drinking clean water.

Water Pollution cover page idea 2.jpg

This is another dramatic representation of water pollution. The picture shows green waste pouring into the environment. It is probably coming from a factory of some sort. The text questions why this is being done to our environment. What is so important to manufacture that is would leave damaging waste behind?

Water Pollution cover page idea 3.jpg

This last idea takes a different approach. Instead of using an image to make a point, this cover just uses text which creates more of a mystery as to what the project is. The bold, dramatic letters show importance to the subject matter.