April 27, 2009

Introduction Nails_GNU agreement.jpg

Nail guns are an extremely common tool used in many aspects of construction, particularly in residential applications. [1] They can have a number of different configurations and drive a number of various sizes or types of fasteners into wood or concrete. [1, 2] They were developed in 1959 to increase productivity, as an average house will require 50,000-70,000 nails during its construction. [1, 3] Specifically, pneumatic powered guns for wood framing, interior carpentry, sheathing, and roofing are utilized the most often, and can easily drive a 3 to 3.5 inch nail into wood in less than a tenth of a second. [1, 4] They are common, both on the job and at home, available for public use, easy to acquire, and easy to use. However, the use of a nail gun should not be considered an unskilled task, and the danger of nail guns should not be underestimated. Misuse or malfunction of nail guns can cause serious injury and harm, to the user, fellow co-workers, or by-standers.