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September 29, 2008


There are many wild ideas from various artists featured in the New Media Art book. One in particular that caught my eye was the section on the Shredder. The Shredder is a site, which allows you to plug in any URL, and it will turn it into a piece of abstracted art. I thought it was a nice interactive way of making abstract images; since you would have to choose the URL to be shredded to unravel a neat new abstract version of the site you chose. I think this could be a fun and quick activity to use in a classroom with young students; especially if they participated in an art project, which was then posted online. Then they could plug in the URL that is linked to an image they already created and see it transform into something new. I could see a variety of students getting a kick out of this.

September 18, 2008

My Creature!


Creature/Landscape Collage

We had an assignment to create a fun creature and place them in a scene of our choice by using digital collage techniques in Photoshop. I found this assignment to be fun and exciting, and it was also a good way for me to get acquainted with the carious tools that Photoshop has to offer.

I first started with the background. I wanted it to be simple so in the end, the main focus would be on my creature. I cut up the background to give it a horizon line, and colored it in red. I then used the gradient tool to have the sky fade to white, and the ground fade to black. I then made the sky have a “cloudy� effect with a click of a button! I continued to play around with the tools, and I came across a set of light options. That’s when I decided to add a spot light in the sky, to add another subtle element. I attempted to add in some trees and other ferns, but it just wasn’t working so I decided to leave them out.
I have a pretty extensive image bank on my computer from things I have done or used in the past, so I stuck with that. However, during class we all went out and took some snapshots so we all had the option of using these fresh new images! Which was pretty exciting to work with and reform our peer’s photo images into something wild and unique.

I went through and chose images I was drawn to and tried to throw them all together. In the past I have made the mistake of over doing things, so I decided to keep it simple for this assignment. I have finally learned that less is more! I started with an image of a pig, and I used the magnetic lasso tool to cut him out. Then I thought of the old saying, “When pigs fly…� so I gave my little piggy some wings! Then I wanted some experience playing around with layers and rotating images, so I decided to give the pig some high heals. This was more difficult than I thought it would be, but once I got a hang of it, it was easier to fit the shoe to the hoof. But I had a lot of trouble layering it correcting. However, I think it looks fun and playful, so it was worth the time and effort!

Once I placed my creature into the scene, I decided it needed something to tie the two together. I made a copy of my creature and flipped it down while altering it so it had an effect of a shadow almost. That’s when I came across a “blur� option, which helped a lot to create the reflection I was going for.

Digital Collage Brainstorm

Here is where I will post random thoughts and ideas that could lead to some fun and unique lesson plans! Feel free to share your own ideas!

- Students could collage their own world showing things they like and dislike. They could place in hints to clue the viewer in on their beliefs and customs. They could place themselves into this world, kind of giving it a "Where's Waldo?" effect. Could be a fun ice breaker??

- Students could use the tools of Photoshop to give organic shapes and edge urban feel? A garden in the city lesson plan maybe? Could be a good stem for a lesson plan dealing with texture and getting familiar with what the program has to offer?

- Students could photoshop their favorite celebrity to see how much can be changed. Could be a good lesson on body image and media???


I am an Art Ed major at the University of Minnesota Duluth and this is my blog. It is used for jotting down information for class regarding art and media. Feel free to look around!