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Animation Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan- Seasons
Age Level: 3-5 Grade
Time: 4 Class Periods

Focus: To learn the basics of Photoshop while also focusing on design and color. ( or a paint program if Photoshop is unavailable.)

A. Students will learn the basics of design.
B. Students will work on their color harmonies along with line quality.
C. Students will learn the basic tools of Photoshop.

Motivational Resources: There will be various books and examples to look at to help brainstorm ideas. ( for example, a book by a local artist, ‚ÄúNorth Spring Country.‚Ä?)

Art Materials: Photoshop/ QuickTime

Introduction: It seems as though technology is on the rise, so I believe it is important to be up to speed on the latest programs. In this lesson you will learn the basics of Photoshop and will learn how to construct layers and turn it into a video using QuickTime. You will then at the end of the class present your short movie to the class during a short critique and then the instructor will then later combine all of the videos together so everyone can see them all in action.

Instructional Procedure:

DAY ONE: Introduce the assignments goals as listed above. Break the class into four groups, one for each season of the year, (summer, winter, fall, spring.) Have each group make a list of simple ideas that could be used in their small videos.


In the winter you could build a snowman.
In the summer you could bounce around a beach ball.
In the spring you could illustrate flowers blooming.
In the fall you could jump into leaves.

Once each group has brainstormed ideas have each student choose an idea they would like to work with. Students are allowed to have the same storyline, considering the videos will be drastically different regardless.

DAY TWO: Have the students work on Photoshop. Teach them the basic use of the main tools that are applicable to this assignment. Be available and knowledgeable for student questions.

DAY THREE: Strictly a workday! If students start finishing help them individually turn their layers into a video.

DAY FOUR: Students should be finishing up at this point. Help the rest of the students individually make their layers into a video. Have a short in-class critique as listed below.

Background Information:
Art Production: Students will learn how to use Photoshop and Quicktime and expand on their creativity.

Art History: Students will see how Photoshop is effecting artwork today.

Art Criticism: The students will participate in an in-class critique. ( Maybe they will critique a couple animations as a class.)

Aesthetics: The students will appreciate the aesthetics that are made possible by Photoshop while working on color harmony.

Art Appreciation: The students will gain appreciation for the many uses of Photoshop.

Evaluation/Assessment: On the final day of the assignment, students will participate in a critique. Go around the room and let each student present their QuickTime video and have their peers give them constructive criticism. If not age appropriate, have a discussion about sound that could work with their movies.


Gibbons, Gail. The Seasons of Arnolds Apple Tree. 1

Reeve, Lindbergh, and Liz Silverston. North Country Spring.