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Experiments in Animation Techniques

Andy and I were in charge of animation techniques involving the light table. We tried out both sand and paint animations in class. The sand was far more successful, but both were fun. The sand was nice because it really captured texture in a beautiful way. And to top it off, it was pretty simple to clean up and it was easily controlled. It was nice how you can always reuse the sand, and I also enjoyed how the image looked with one color of sand. It was simple and really enjoyable.

The paint was a little more tricky, we made the mistake of using a variety of colors; which eventually looked muddy. We used tempra paint, since it has easy clean up and is safe to use. I didn't like how quickly it would dry, it made it difficult to take away sections as you add over the image. It was also a pain to cleanup. If I were to do this again, I would limit the colors; maybe all warm or cool tones? But overall, I did not care for paint on the light table. But it was worth checking out!

I think students would really enjoy light table animation. It is something new and exciting, and the end result can be really fun.