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For my final project I was going to focus on a digital presentation about Wanda Gag's work. However, once I got started it seemed a little too much like a power point, and I really wanted to work more in Photoshop since my skills are still very rusty. I want to continue to play with the tools so they become second nature, and I didn't want to bit off more than I can chew.

I played around with two short animations. Both 20-30 frames each. One is a flower blooming, and one of an eclipse. I wanted to do an animation that can cycle through. Both are pretty simple, but the flower animation is a bit choppy; so I think I will stick to the eclipse animation and focus more on that.

I made the images in photoshop, I did use a couple filters but I don't think it's too over done. To create the eclipse, I cut out a circle with the same cloudy pattern on it over a bright yellow sphere and moved it a tiny bit with every frame in order to create an eclipse.