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Lesson Plan- Wanda Gag Story Board
Age Level: 2nd Grade
Time: 1 class period

Focus: To have fun with animation while reflecting on our experiences and knowledge on the artist Wanda Gag,

A. Students will work on their fine motor skills.
B. Students will work with line quality.
C. Students will gain knowledge about Wanda Gag’s art and style of drawing.

Motivational Resources: The lesson will take place in the Tweed, where her show is up. In addition to experiencing her exhibit, the students will watch a power point about Wanda Gag, and they will also receive an activity book

Art Materials: Post cards, China Markers, Scissors, Masking Tape, Story Board, Camera, Tripod

Introduction: Today we are going to make our very own kitties, just like the one in Wanda Gag’s story, “Millions of Cats.? Once we are finished making our kitties, we are going to take turns placing them on the story board where we will then create our very own animation!

Instructional Procedure:

Break the students into three equal groups; one for each helper. Show students various Wanda Gag examples to inspire them to draw their own kitty. Draw a kitten with the students to help them with the correct form, make sure students leave a margin around the kitten. Once kittens are drawn, have students cut them out, this is where the margin comes in handy. Once kittens are cut out, give each student a piece of tape to place on the back of their kittens. Once this is completed, the students should be directed over to the story board where they will take turns placing their kitten on the story board while one of the helpers takes a new picture with every kitten addition.

Background Information:
Art Production: Students will create their very own kitty while learning a form of animation.

Art History: Students will learn about Wanda Gag and her book, “Millions of Cats.?

Art Criticism: The students will critique Wanda Gag’s Drawing style.

Aesthetics: The students will appreciate the aesthetics of Wanda Gag’s artwork.

Art Appreciation: The students will gain appreciation for Wanda Gags exhibit, and various animation forms.

Evaluation/Assessment: The classrooms will be sent a link to view and discuss their animations!!