#2 Assignments discussing "Celebrity"


#1: For the "History of Rock and Roll"

Looking at how celebrity was developed and maintained in the 1960s as compared to the 21st century.

Begin with a discussion of what celebrity is: What does it mean to be a celebrity? What are student's looking for in a celebrity that they follow? What maintains celebrity?

Let's look at the Beatles from the 1960's. How was their celebrity in the United States achieved?
• Marketing strategy of "the Beatles are coming"
• Appearance on the Ed Sullivan show
• Subsequent concerts and life

Compare that with someone like Kerry Underwood
• American Idol
• The ability to learn "who they are" through the course of a TV show and vote for them
• The use of modern internet forces to solidify their "real" or "personal" selves

Write 2 - 3 pages about the effectiveness of each of these methods. Which of these is more effective? Why do you believe it is more effective? Do you think a campaign like the Beatles would work today? How does the use of Face book and Twitter allow celebrity to maintain their popularity? Is it effective in your opinion?

#2: For "American Government and Politics"

Looking at the "consolidation of power" using celebrity as a way to look at politics.

Begin with a discussion: What is the goal of a celebrity today? What tools do they use to maintain their celebrity status? Are they effective?
• Make sure to bring up the idea of the public image vs/in conjunction with the "personal" image.
• Does offering a personal image help their celebrity? Why?
• The use of Twitter and Face book to offer fans a way to have a personal connection or a "buy in" to the celebrity.

Celebrities now days use the lure of offering a piece of their person selves as a way to maintain their hold on their celebrity and/or expand their celebrity...to "consolidate their power" so to speak.

How do politicians "consolidate their power" or create their image of celebrity? Do politicians use Face book and Twitter in the same way? Do they attempt in campaigns and while they are in office to reveal portions of their personal lives that might get people to relate and side with them? Is it effective?

Just as celebrities use their fame to inject themselves into politics, do politicians use their political clout to inject themselves into the world of celebrity? Does it make sense to you that politicians and celebrities will team up for political causes? How about political campaigns?

Write 2 - 3 pages discussing the role of celebrity and it relates to politics and politicians. How does the disclosure of their "personal" side help or hinder their ability to "consolidate power" amongst the electorate. Is this "personal" side "real" and does it matter if it real or not? Are there other factors that should be considered?

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