May 22, 2009

The first OA mandate anywhere by a humanities department

From Peter Suber's SPARC Open Access Forum:

On Wednesday, May 14th, by unanimous vote, the faculty of the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Oregon adopted an Open Access mandate [...]. This mandate is the first (according to ROAR) such mandate in the world by any Department in the Humanities and the 3rd in Oregon (after OSU Library faculty and UO Library faculty). It is distinguished by the stipulation that URLs of self-archived postprints are to be included in all materials submitted to the Department for purposes of review and promotion.

Suber makes these two comments:

* This is one of the strongest policies anywhere. It starts with a Harvard-style mandate-plus-waiver policy and then adds a libre OA license (CC-BY-NC-ND). It seems to say that promotion review of journal articles will be limited to those on deposit in the repository (a desirable feature pioneered by Napier Edinburgh and Liege). Moreover, it does not allow embargoes beyond the date of publication unless the author seeks a waiver. All this in another unanimous vote. Kudos to the whole department.
* As the announcement notes, this is the first OA mandate anywhere by a humanities department. I believe it makes the U of Oregon the first university anywhere with two departmental mandates. The UO library faculty adopted an OA mandate one week ago today --also by a unanimous vote. (Harvard has three schools with mandates but they are not departments.) This is the start of what Arthur Sale called a patchwork mandate and suggests that we'll soon see mandates from other Oregon departments.

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