June 19, 2009

University Press directors endorse public access to scholarly articles

On June 3, the directors of ten U.S. and Canadian university presses released this statement:

Position Statement From University Press Directors on Free Access to Scholarly Journal Articles:

1. The undersigned university press directors support the dissemination of scholarly research as broadly as possible.

2. We support the free access to scientific, technical, and medical journal articles no later than 12 months after publication. We understand that the length of time before free release of journal articles will by necessity vary for other disciplines.

3. We support the principle that scholarly research fully funded by governmental entities is a public good and should be treated as such. We support legislation that strengthens this principle and oppose legislation designed to weaken it.

4. We support the archiving and free release of the final, published version of scholarly journal articles to ensure accuracy and citation reliability.

5. We will work directly with academic libraries, governmental entities, scholarly societies, and faculty to determine appropriate strategies concerning dissemination options, including institutional repositories and national scholarly archives.

The participating presses:

  1. Athabasca University Press
  2. Penn State University Press
  3. Rockefeller University Press
  4. University Press of Florida
  5. University of Akron Press
  6. University of Calgary Press
  7. University of Massachusetts Press
  8. University of Michigan Press
  9. University Press of New England
  10. Wayne State University Press

The statement was covered by the Chronicle of Higher Education in its June 5 Wired Campus.

Peter Suber from Open Access News comments: "This is significant. It's the first statement in support of OA from a group of mostly-TA publishers and the first from a group of mostly-book publishers. It's also an important reproach to the American Association of University Presses, which publicly supported the Conyers bill last September without consulting its members."

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