August 7, 2009

Harvard's listing of publishers who are "easiest to publish with"

From Harvard University Library's Office for Scholarly Communication:

The following journal publishers have formally indicated cooperation with Harvard's open access policies and have agreed that Harvard faculty who publish in their journals may deposit those articles in Harvard's DASH repository under the open access policy without modification of their publication agreements, attachment of addenda, or waiver of Harvard's prior license. We are grateful to these publishers for their full support of access to Harvard faculty's writings.

We expect to add additional publishers and journals to this list in the near future. Publishers interested in being listed here should contact us for further information.

Publisher/Journal Confirmed as of
American Economic Association June 5, 2009
American Mathematical Society June 11, 2009
American Physical Society April 9, 2009
Berkeley Electronic Press June 10, 2009
BioMed Central June 5, 2009
Duke University Press June 29, 2009
Hindawi Publishing Corporation June 8, 2009
Public Library of Science June 8, 2009
Rockefeller University Press June 29, 2009
University of California Press June 29, 2009

Posted by stemp003 at August 7, 2009 5:31 PM

The Harvard list is incomplete. The Romeo registry of journal policies indicates that at least 268 publishers (publishing 63% of the circa 10,000 registered journals) are Green, meaning that they officially endorse OA self-archiving by their authors in their own Institutional Repositories, immediately upon acceptance for publication. At least 61 further publishers (publishing a further 32% of registered journals) are "Pale-Green," in that they endorse immediate self-archiving of earlier drafts and the deposit of the final, refereed draft after an embargo period.

In addition, DOAJ lists over 4000 Gold OA journals, that make their own contents OA immediately upon publication. (There is a little overlap, but most of the DOAJ Gold journals are not listed among the Romeo Green journals -- although of course all Gold journals are also Green.)

Posted by: Stevan Harnad at August 9, 2009 5:24 AM
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