February 7, 2006

HarperCollins Launches Ad-supported Online Text

Another entry in the "advertiser-supported 'open access'" publishing model:

Associated Press, 6 February 2006: HarperCollins has announced a new program that will make book content available free online, supported by advertiser links that share the page with the text. Officials from the publisher said the Harper program will focus on nonfiction and reference books, noting that advertisers are likely not as interested in paying to support literary fiction. The first book offered in the program, "Go It Alone! The Secret to Building a Successful Business on Your Own" by Bruce Judson, was published in 2004 and later released in paperback. One test of the program will be whether ad sales offset lost sales, according to Murray, group president of HarperCollins. Despite the ongoing squabbles over online access to books, supporters of the idea still believe it has potential. Author M.J. Rose said that no one wants to read an entire book online but that if they have easy access to a text on the Web and they like it, they will be encouraged to buy a copy.

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February 1, 2006

5 White Papers, 1 Policy Proposal from U-California Academic Council

On December 14, 2005, the University of California's Academic Council approved five white papers and one policy proposal for Systemwide Academic Senate Review. The papers are the product of the Council's Special Committee on Scholarly Communication (SCSC) and, under the collective title Responding to the Challenges Facing Scholarly Communication, include:

* Evaluation of Publications in Academic Personnel Processes
* The Case of Journal Publishing
* The Case of Scholarly Book Publishing
* Scholarly Societies and Scholarly Communication
* The Case of Scholars' Management of Their Copyright
* Proposal for UC Faculty - Scholarly Work Copyright Rights Policy


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