April 18, 2006

Wilinsky's "Access Principle" is now published open access

From the listserv AmSci Forum , Stevan Harnad (U Southampton) wrote:

John Willinsky's (2005) excellent book on Open Access is now available Open Access. Its only short-coming is that it makes absolutely no mention of its predecessor, the first book on Open Access, edited by Okerson & O'Donnell (1995), published over a decade earlier:

Okerson, A.S. & O'Donnell, J.J. (1995) (Eds.) Scholarly Journals at the Crossroads: A Subversive Proposal for Electronic Publishing. Association of Research Libraries.

Willinsky, J. (2005) The Access Principle: The Case for Open Access to Research and Scholarship MIT Press

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April 4, 2006

Review of "The Access Principle"

Kate Corby (Michigan State University Libraries) has written a review of "The Access Principle: The case for open access to research and scholarship" in Education Review. The review is available at http://edrev.asu.edu/reviews/rev478.htm

Please note that this review was not originally published on this blog, which a previous post inadvertently implied. Our apologies to Ms. Corby for the error.

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