December 5, 2008

Harvard's open access plans

Stuart Shieber, the head of Harvard's Office of Scholarly Communication, talked recently with the Chronicle of Higher Education about potential next steps for his institution's efforts in support of open access to its faculty research. From the November 21, 2008 issue:

Mr. Shieber told The Chronicle that just about all of Harvard's dozen or so faculties are considering open-access policies. "Each school has its own characteristics, and the policies need to be responsive to the differences among the schools," he says. "The process has to be faculty-based and consensual. But the office can help by advising and serving as a source for information."

Ambitions don't stop there. Mr. Shieber expects the office to evolve as "a laboratory for expanding and evolving scholarly communication practices." Perhaps its most important objective focuses on something of concern to librarians and scholars alike: figuring out a system to support authors who want to publish in open-access journals "by underwriting reasonable publication charges for those journals."

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