January 22, 2010

SPARC honors Optical Society of America as a pioneer in scholarly publishing innovation

Excerpted from SPARC's January 14 press release:

With the launch of Optics Express in 1997, the Optical Society of America (OSA) created an open-access journal that has stood the test of time to become a both a scientific and financial success. The journal, now entering its second decade of publication, is consistently ranked among the top titles in its field. And, it has proved to be such a successful financial venture that the Society is this year rolling out three more publications that follow the same open-access business model.

For being a shining example of community-driven creativity and innovation in scholarly communications, the Optical Society of America has been named the first SPARC Innovator of 2010.


Optics Express publishes original, peer-reviewed articles in all fields of optical science and technology twice a month - within an average of 47 days after article acceptance. The quick turnaround, along with creative ways to highlight content - such as electronic cover images for every issue and Focus issues - have made Optics Express a sought-after publishing destination for authors and a top journal in the field. OSA is introducing three new journals under the Optics Express brand and publishing model over the next year: Biomedical Optic Express, Optical Material Express and Energy Express.

"Through the efforts of many people, we built something very unique that came together," said Childs. "We use Optic Express as a harbinger, a model for what I think is probably going to come to pass."


So, is Childs an open-access advocate? "I'm an open-access pragmatist. I really look at what will work," says Childs. "I'm fairly certain that the old models of publishing won't exist in 10 years." Childs says a new approach might be to reduce authors' fees and share the financial load with other stakeholders, such as universities and foundations. Indeed, the open-access model used today may be modified beyond what we can imagine, he says.

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January 21, 2010

University Libraries respond to OSTP's proposed OA policy

The University of Minnesota Libraries responded to the request for information issued December 9, 2009, by the Office of Science and Technology Policy regarding public access policies for science and technology funding agencies across the federal government. We fully support the government's move to enable public access to journal articles reporting on research funded by these agencies. The text of the letter is available at:


Also, our affiliated library organizations have responded as well:

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