January 21, 2011

An alternative to Elsevier's Copyright Transfer Agreement

In her January 11, 2011, post to the American Scientist Open Access Forum, former Zoology professor and current publishing consultant Alma Swan said:

Elsevier has a Licence To Publish which it will provide if an author declines to click through its Copyright Transfer Agreement online.

I offered Elsevier the SPARC/Science Commons Author Addendum instead of signing the CTA and in response was sent the LTP. It allows the author to keep all the rights needed for personal dissemination, re-use, etc while obtaining, for Elsevier, sole rights to publish it in a journal. Since most articles are not ever destined to be published in more than one journal, this seems a very satisfactory solution for the majority of cases.

This is a useful alternative that a librarian at the University of Minnesota was also able to obtain.

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January 13, 2011

Workshop on Data Management for Scientists and Engineers

Starting January 18, 2011, the National Science Foundation (NSF) will begin requiring a data management plan will all new grant proposals.

University Libraries offers a workshop on Creating a Data Management Plan. This course qualifies for RCR credit. For a schedule and registration information, see:


If you'd prefer to watch a video of the session, see:


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