August 19, 2011

Open Access Coalition formed by 22 academic institutions

From the University of Kansas Aug. 3, 2011 news release:

The university has now taken the lead in forming a coalition with 21 other universities and colleges with established faculty open access policies in North America -- such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Duke University and Concordia University in Montreal -- to establish the new Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions.

Known as COAPI, the group will collaborate and share implementation strategies and advocate on a national level for institutions with open access policies.


Their next steps will include a pre-conference meeting at the Berlin 9 Open Access Conference in November in Washington, D.C.


Marc L. Greenberg, professor and chair of the Slavic Languages and Literatures department, also participated in the teleconference.

"I always keep the idea of 'knowledge as a public good' in mind in doing work for open access," Greenberg said, "and I view what we do as part of renegotiating the social contract between universities and society. Universities belong to the public."


Great interest was expressed to form COAPI during a conference call with representatives from these institutions with faculty open access policies:

• Arizona State University
• Brigham Young University
• Columbia University
• Concordia University
• Duke University
• Emory University
• Gustavus Adolphus College
• Harvard University
• Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
• Lafayette College
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
• Oberlin College
• Oregon State University
• Rollins College
• Stanford University
• Trinity University
• University of Hawaii-Manoa
• University of Kansas
• University of North Texas
• University of Northern Colorado
• University of Oregon
• Wake Forest University

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